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Rose Maria White


Rose White was born on September 24, 1951 to a Caribbean family in the parish of Clarendon located in the Island of Jamaica.
Rose attended St Ann Primary School, and after graduating she relocated to Kingston where she attended West Indies Commercial School for English, short-hand & typing. As years went by Rose became an entrepreneur and opened her own Clothing Store. 
Rose has traveled to several countries to purchase products for her stores, Rose notice single mothers with children living in Poverty and through it all Rose still carried the love for poor Children in her heart! She always remembered how they had to attend school bare-feet because they had no shoes, proper clothing, or money to purchase a lunch.
Because of the love Rose had for the Children, she provided them with their daily necessities. Rose know her assistance could not solve all of their basic needs but it helped them a lot. 
Thirty years ago, Rose migrated to the United States of America, and decided to settle in the great State of Florida where she pursued a career in the medical field and became a certified Nurse’s Assistant CNA and Patient Care Assistant (PCA).
While Rose was Ministering in the Nursing Industry something happened that would change her life. Rose was assigned to work at a Veterans ALF and it was there that she learned about the sacrifice the men and women sanctity and allow us as Americans to live the “American Dream of freedom, liberty and fraternity“.
It was at this time that Rose realized what her purpose in this life was meant to be!, and at that time Rose decided to commit her life to caring for “those who served their country, and could no longer care for themselves due to physical, emotional and or mental limitations.
God In Shoes will be a place for those who have serviced in the armed forces, that is a transitional setting facility that will bring hope in a positive way. There will be Service man supporting each other, through the provision of a resource center and housing for all Veterans. The support services and programs by the Vision project Initiatives will provide spiritual, physical, and intellectual rejuvenation these men participants. Medical support will be provided 24 hours a day.
God In Shoes will be a place that help businesses and Churches succeed. Our company has both the knowledge and skills, and the real world experience that Enables you to reach and persuade your consumers quickly and effectively. We will be helping with funds to assist Churches and communities, and mentoring of students to provide transportation, Job placement that will be easy access by all.
God In Shoes will bring passion and intensity for our client’s work and respect them by delivering on our Promises, with a Vision of making a difference in our communities and in people’s lives.

God In Shoes will develop restoration and leadership that addresses the following:
● Physical Therapist ● Individual Mental Health ● Rehabilitative Assistance● Educational & Vocational Training ● Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Services ● 24 hours of Nursing Care daily ●  Computer skills training ● Dental Care ● Family Counseling ● Financial & Budget Management ● Ophthalmologist Care ● Incorporate a Health and Exercise Program (Incorporation with physical Therapy Center that will be located next door to site)● Recreational activities ● Health-Related Services, such as Medication Management, Counseling Sessions and ● Physical Therapy● Social Services ● Assistants as needed with the residents activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing● Taking medication, and eating.
God In Shoes has chosen to serve Veterans because homelessness are a tragic outcome of wars for the people who have risked their lives for the safety of a nation, the outcome should never be one homelessness and lack of healthcare.