Pregnant Teens

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Helping Our Pregnant Teens


Bringing a new life into the world can be a beautiful and overwhelming experience. It can also be the scariest, most emotionally taxing, and in some instances the loneliest experience. Our teens need support at such crucial times. Can you ever imagine having family turn their backs on you at your most vulnerable time of life?
Adolescence brings with it great confusion and many lessons that will impact their lives for years to come. We aim to offer guidance while offering support.
Our hardworking and dedicated team stands in support of every person in need. We strive to help all persons who walk through the doors of God in Shoes, Inc, no matter their background or past.

Mission Statement for Pregnant Teens

God in shoes inc. will provide emergency support, crisis intervention, housing, food, counseling, and advocacy to pregnant teens in need of shelter and nurturing. God in shoes inc will offer an alternative to abortion by enabling young women and teens in a crisis pregnancy to become self-sufficient responsible adults, through the loving example of caring Christians and the life changing power of Jesus Christ.

At Risk Youth and Teen Parents

One of our focuses will be on the “Restoration of the Innocence of our Youth’’ 
This generation of youth has to be approached entirely different then any generation’s before them. We believe that if we can capture grab the attention of our youth that have been misguided, neglected, abused, uninformed, and under-educated, and in many ways cases un-loved. Some may then begin to see themselves in a brighter future as upstanding citizens, spouses and parents. At this time many aren’t able to see past the day they are living in. Some may even say that they honestly do not know what tomorrow has in store for them.
We want to assist young people in decreasing negative behavior by giving alternatives to the previous choices they have in the past. Regardless to their socio-economic status, the center will assist participants in becoming academic achievers, skilled tradesmen, increase their attention span and their tolerance for fellow men, and ultimately become someone that ‘’they themselves can be proud of’’.


This program will focus on Integrity, Empowerment, Sacrifice and perseverance!

It will be designed, to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to enable them to make more informed and positive choices that affect their lives. We recognize the need to establish working relationships with other community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, social service agencies and, non-profit & for profit organizations in order to be effective in assessing the needs of the entire community.

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