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Too Many Homeless Among Us

In today’s world “homelessness” has become the norm. No matter how loud they cry out for help, it seems to fall on “deaf ears”. This is not a state or citywide problem, this is a global issue that people sit on their living room sofas and talk about constantly, however no one seems to care enough to” roll up their sleeves” and physically do anything about it. Here we are a society of “Abundance” we throw away enough food to feed the entire world, yet we can’t seem to house our own!!! What a pity”.The number of Veterans, seniors, women and children among the homeless is increasing at an alarming rate. Homelessness is not a myth, it is a reality in urban, suburban, and rural communities worldwide. Millions of people exist on the precarious edge homelessness. In fact statistics states that a mere $300 separates individuals from becoming homeless, or keeping a roof over their heads. Without major changes in our society, homelessness will be more pervasive today then before in our lifetime.


The truth about homelessness


Homelessness concerns people, human beings created in God’s image for a life of dignity in justice. The story of each homeless person is unique. The name, the circumstances, the decisions, the faith, the joys and sorrows of each one of them belong to God. Often homelessness is triggered by a single crisis that may occur in an individual’s life. A crisis may be related to a change in their affordable housing and rental patterns, job loss, divorce, death of a loved one, poor health, issues with mental illnesses, drug and or alcohol addiction, domestic violence, a broken relationship, or even natural disaster.


How can we end homelessness?

To end homelessness in America, we must strengthen our ability to prevent it in the first place. To do that, we must take a multi-sector approach that focuses on housing needs, housing stability, and risks of homelessness across many different public systems.    
The vision GOD IN SHOES INC. /Caring For The Homeless will be to develop a collaborative partnership with the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs to aid us in the design and development of specifically designed services and programs that will provide comprehensive, high quality healthcare services to Veterans and all homeless are eligible. Our mission is to offer Outreach programs to those in need of assisted living, or full-service, long-term residential care. We will be there for those that need a “hand up, as well as those who need a “hand out”.                        

Our goals are to provide housing and skill training so our homeless veterans become empowered to become independent citizens of their community. While we will offer Restoration to our Veterans we will focus on restoring their physical spiritual, and mental health, as we see “the soul as an integral part of the whole person”.
Often times when crises arise the support system that is much need is missing and they can’t seem to solve their problems on their own and that often leads to a downward spiral!
GOD IN SHOES has been “CALLED TO CARE” God heard the cry of the homeless people and delivered them out of oppression in Egypt. Jesus, “who had nowhere to lay his head. Luke 9:58 ministered with compassion to the poor and the vulnerable. In practicing hospitality, we are promised to encounter the Living Lord: “I was a stranger and you welcomed me” Mat 25:35.
God’s mandate concerning people who exist on the margins of society is clear: “Give justice to the weak and the orphan; maintain the right of The lowly and the destitute. Rescue the weak and needy deliver them from the hand of the wicked”(VS 82-3-4) Working Justice for the homeless people is doing God’s will.


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