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Who we are...

God in Shoes, Inc. is a Humanitarian Initiative developed to change lives and mindsets while educating, creating jobs, and designing specific programs to assist individuals to be the best they can be.

As the founder of this noble organization, my goal has been consistent. I always wanted those in need, the impoverished, the overlooked, and the silently suffering to experience what many of us take for granted, good quality of life. My vision now remains as it always has been, to “lift people out of poverty.” Being able to reassure someone in need that they aren’t alone is a gift most won’t truly comprehend. Being able to offer a lending hand, a listening ear, a warm home, an opportunity for a brighter future all forms the basis of God in Shoes.
Have you ever taken a hard look at the inner cities in the United States? I have seen too many communities that have been underserved by a lack of funding from the government and we can no longer sit idly by wishing or hoping that they will step in at the last minute by some miraculous act of heroism. If you can’t see the change, you must be the change. As such, we roll our sleeves up and get to work for the greater good of many.
Our work here at God in Shoes, Inc. has shown us that there are so many hurting from all walks of life. Some people need handouts while others just need a helping hand so they too can get up and walk into their better and brighter tomorrow. We can’t always control the hand we’re dealt but we can be the silver lining to the dark clouds of the homeless, the lost and confused, and those who just happened to fall on hard times.


Beautiful, functional, and stylish approach to modern architecture in the USA.


Centennial Mall

The 7 Studio worked on design renovations to refresh the Centennial Mall. Our goals were to increase its accessibility, add more functionality with the help of modern technologies. The redesigned mall now has a few green spaces and improved lighting.


Rehab Center

In 2017, the 7 Studio was hired to assist in designing their new rehabilitation center for seniors. This new, three-story building is approximately 60,000 sq ft and includes 60 private rooms specially organized to meet any rehabilitation needs.


1101 University

This renovation of a historical fraternity building into an extraordinary student habitation was just a small part of the constant refreshment of the Hill District University, neighboring the campus of Colorado University.


Public Library

Our company has been hired to develop a master plan to redesign a public library without compromising the historic significance. We have considered such historical factors as topography and proximity to downtown and schools.


Lang Street Residence

With Basalt construction company, 7 Studio designed renovations and additions to an existed structure acquired by Facilities Management. This empowered the city to extend administrative areas.


The Wencel Building

The Wencel Building gained a LEED Gold certificate and includes traditional architectural features in a contemporary facade that merges three adjoining historic buildings.


The Colorado Building

The Colorado Building is a historic building in downtown Denver. The remodeling and rehabilitation processes were rather complicated as a great deal of research has been made on the subject of preservation of its historic significance.

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Our Approach

We believe that every project is unique, with its special goals, construction features, and style.

The highest quality design of any of our architecture projects is our first priority. Our passion for quality drives us to create innovative, unique, and more functional spaces which change the environment we live in. As a New York-based architecture studio, it is our mission to provide clients with excellent design solutions for any project. As a result, they get award-winning architecture.
We are proud of our professional teams committed to meeting individual clients' needs, requirements, and budgets. We strive to break down the boundaries of standards and to use innovative and complex design opportunities, which means that good design is good business.

Our Team

Our dedicated team of architects and managers work with you on every stage.


Tom Wilson

Founder, CEO

Tom is a company Founder and CEO with over 25 years of experience in the architecture industry. He is a great result-oriented manager.


Jeremy Wilson

Co-Founder, Director

Jeremy is a Founding Director at 7 Studio with an impressive portfolio of design excellence that includes both architecture and interior projects.


Laura Harper

Project Manager

Laura joined our team in 2008. She has almost 20 years of experience in a range of significant projects across commercial, healthcare and educational markets.


Ann Cornell

Project Designer

Ann is a creative Project Designer at 7 Studio, devoted to providing impeccable designs, exceptional workmanship, and customer service.


Helen Stone


Since joining our team in 2013, Helen has been working on a diverse variety of projects of any complexity for the residential and healthcare sectors.


Patrick Pool


Patrick is focused mainly on public projects such as entertainment and educational centers. He is responsible for project management and administration.

Press About Us

We're delighted to be mentioned in the articles of famous magazines.

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